Anamario and Marcos Galvany collaborated for the first time to combine their visual and musical skills in this video that is a metaphor for universal human experience.   The melodic combination of the shifting waves overlaid with a compelling but subtle musical echo is filled with patterns of light and changing hues.   The meditative beginning gradually builds to a rich crescendo signifying an ominous change in mood as the crashing waves build and suddenly change color as if portending death.  The silhouetted figures, perhaps Adam and Eve, are embedded in the narrative as both participants and witnesses, watching the sea and referencing our origins. The mood changes again to a lighter underwater palette with ovoid forms dancing in an ensemble and breaking apart into a single form symbolically surrounded by the amniotic fluid of the water.  Delicate floating strands of seaweed enhance the feeling of peace and harmony while glimpses of the horizon line changing from concave to convex, flows to infinity.  Traveling through the white of the clouds into the blue cosmos beyond, is a reminder of our place in the universe.  While filming underwater, Anamario experienced during the immersion, a feeling of tranquility as if being embraced by the ocean.

Vivienne M. Lassman

Independent Curator


Digital Video for Installation  

Created 2015

Duration 7m.32s

Filmed with GoPro Hero 4 Camera

Production: Anamario Hernandez

Post Production,  Marcos Galvany

Video Editing  

Chamber Music, with Piano,  

Harp, , Flute, Clarinet, English Horn, 

Bass, Timpani and Bass Horn